Do you sometimes just get tired of the everyday boring life that we have? The same thing over and over again which we do out of habit and we just get stuck in it.

Sometimes I wonder how do we get out? We want to get out, but we let our fear of going into the unknown stop us from taking actions that might better our lives. As Tony Robbins say, we don’t take any action of change unless the pain is unbearable enough, so we just accept mediocrity and live a life that’s okay.

How can we live a life that’s to our full potential and live according to our values? I would like to know, because I want to start something new, but as life goes on, I just become apathetic and uncaring of the things I set out for myself. It is no longer exciting, it is no longer thrilling once the initial excitement wears off.

With relationships, with hobbies, and other areas of life, how do we avoid getting stale in our lives and still keep that initial high we have when we first got into it. It’s a question I ask myself everyday and something that I hope we can work on in our lives. In the end, we all want to feel the thrill of being alive.

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