Do you ever feel stuck or as if something is not progressing as fast as you hoped? Well you are not alone my friend, because lately the feeling of getting bogged down by responsibilities have been taking hold for the past few months.

It’s important to not lose track of your main goal and focus. I think a lot of people lose that with time and are unable to get out of the hole they have dug for themselves. I’ve felt stuck many times in my life, however, what got me through as looking at the big picture and always reminded myself to stay on track and eventually grow out of the stagnation.

Stagnation and plateau happens to all of us, somehow we are all wired to grow and develop. If we are not, we feel stuck and we don’t get much satisfaction from the things that we used to enjoy. I guess that is just human nature, what can we do… . However, being mindful about your current state is always helpful and being appreciative of where you are.


So what is something you could do to get out of a rut? Well, it’s best to let out all your frustrations, pain and anger. Suppression is depression. the longer you hold it within yourself the more it eats you from the inside, so make sure to talk it out with your trusted friends and family. Accept the fact that it’s natural and find hobbies that will make you feel good. Sometimes when we stagnate we no longer do the things we used to do that made us happy and we give up on them. Pick up that sport you’ve being putting off or that art class you used to attend. In a small way those activities made you feel better about yourself and contributed to your overall happiness.

Despite the pressure and lack of time, commit yourself to learning new things. It’s not exactly that you lack time, you just don’t put as much importance on learning new things. For example, if your house got flooded with water,you will make the necessary time to clean up all that mess without thinking much about it. Next time you tell yourself that you don’t have time, just ask yourself how important or what priority it has in your life.

Motivating yourself to do something can be a challenge, but don’t think about it. Just do it. Thinking takes energy and it creates doubt in your mind. Sometimes it’s just better to dive right in and get better along the way than hesitating along the sidelines. Some of my most rewarding experiences have always been when I let myself go fully and enjoyed the moment.

You could try the 100 days of rejection challenge. Just simply do things that you think are not possible, but you may be surprised by what could be possible. As Jia explains in the video, he got a free donut in the shape of Olympic Rings because he had the courage to ask. And what it take him to achieve that? He just asked. So don’t be afraid to ask other people about things you THINK are not going to work out. Some people might enjoy what you asked, some won’t. I am not saying to do crazy things that will negatively affect your life, but just do small things that scare you and get over that fear.

One of the things that I did to make my daily life more exciting was conversing with total random strangers. If they were homeless, rich, tall, good looking, from a different country. I did not care. I just started a conversation and the people willing to talk and keep on going would talk. One of my most special case was talking to a Polish drunk for about an hour about just crazy shit. What did we get out of it? Just a few shits and giggles that made our lives interesting.

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