Ever since I was young I always wanted to travel the world for whatever reason because there was something less about the world than about the unknown that was out there before me. So from a young age I’ve always thought so what it be like to see different places to see different cultures to learn from many different people around the world.

It wasn’t until college that I went to liberal arts school and it taught me the value of critical thinking and seeing different perspectives from people and what I want from life. And it enhanced that feeling and that motivated me to live a life that you need to live a life that’s different from the norm to be able to explore different areas of life.

Yes it’s true that sometimes you can go with the flow it’s true that sometimes you can just be content with  wherever you are but there’s a higher being that’s sort of calling you to really go after you visions and and your Legend  as one of the books that Alchemists have thought me.

If you haven’t given The Alchemist a try you should definitely read the book because it was one of the books that really inspired me to go after my goals and go after my aspirations and bigger Grand dreams and life.  the book taught me the value of time the value of life and the value of a personal Legend what you dream.

People grow up thinking of many things that they want to come she loves many things they want to do in their lives but throughout the journey they told my page of friends and family that they can’t do it that they they don’t they lack the skills with that they just not simply good enough for whatever it is that they want to do so it’s in a sense doesn’t allow people to discover themselves. It doesn’t allow people to fail and to actually see for themselves whether it’s true or not.

Hence you should always be trying to improve yourself and try new things to really discover yourself because people think that we should know what we want people think that we should really just have an idea of what it is or who want to be in the future but in honest truth, we discovered it through failures we find it through different means of actions. So there’s no one secret formula to finding what your dreams and aspirations out it’s just more so about trying different things and trying many different aspects of life and going after whatever interest you in going after whatever you feel is exciting.

People say that happiness is achieving your goals and dreams but I see it in a different way.  Happiness to me is excitement happen is to me is living in a reality that allows you to be in a state of mind that’s bliss, a state of mind that’s peaceful, a state of mind allows you to just be happy about whatever that is around you even the small things and even the bad things. All and in all, find something that will give you a reason and interest to wake up the next morning with full vigour and energy. Best of luck!

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