Little about Kazakhstan

Ranked as one of the world’s biggest landlocked nation, Kazakhstan stretches out from Siberia up to the deserts in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan and from the Caspian Sea to China.  The country is also covered by 5 climatic zones and 2 time zones.

Kazakhstan offers everything you could hope for in a great travel destination, which includes mountain tops, glaciers, coniferous woods, large rocky canyons, pristine mountain lakes and amazing rivers among many others. But due to its huge territory (Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world) it is almost impossible for ordinary tourist to see all places of interest in one trip. So if you have just limited time for a trip to Kazakhstan here are some places which are a must of the country and will make you to fall in love with Kazakhstan for the rest of your live.

Resources You’ll Need

Russian language basics: Beginner’s Russian

Car rentals: alemcredits

Khazak culture: Kazakh TV

Backpacking gear (of course): Backpacker

Top 5 Destinations in Kazakhstan

1. Astana


Astana is the second biggest city in the Kazakhstan that is currently experiencing a financial boom with great building projects. It was once a small mining town, but today the town is filled with numerous stores, restaurants, discotheques, casinos and coffee houses. The old and new modern places have become key attractions for visitors. Key attractions included Duman aquarium and Bayterek tower.

2. Almaty

Almaty, the biggest city in the country, is located in South East Kazakhstan and is an excellent setting between plains and mountains. Also filled with modern architecture, cool fountains, wide streets, squares and parks and great mountain views in autumn and spring.

Few day ago i was there, i think this city has lots of theaters, museums, exhibition halls, art galleries and business centers and also a wide variety of entertainment complexes including movie theaters, night clubs, restaurants and cafes.

3. Medeu


3. Medeu is only 15km away from Almaty, where you will find the most unique and largest speed skating rink in the whole world that is located at 1,700 meters above sea level. Medeu also has a very big ice stadium that can comfortably accommodate more than 30,000 spectators. Some of the top skaters from across the world usually come to test themselves at this location. Also old time Soviet Union Olympic skaters used this place for training , and still holds some exciting winter sport events.

More read from wikipedia.

4. Baikonur


Baikonur Cosmodrome holds the record as the largest and oldest functioning space launch center. It is located in the vast Kazakhstan desert steppes. Russia’s space exploration is usually launched from this center. To visit this location, you need to give 45 days’ notice in advance. There are some special travel agencies that will help you arrange visits to this space launch center.

5.  Taraz


Taraz has been in existence for over two centuries. The town celebrated reaching 2,000 years in 2001 and was also recognized by the UNESCO. The Aisha Bibi and Babaji, located outside the city are great masterpieces of antique architecture. UNESCO also listed those 2 venues as world architectural scarcities.



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