1.Khuvsgul lake

Khuvsgul lake (Known as the Dark Blue Pearl of Mongolia) is known for being among the clearest lakes in the whole world. It is 36 km wide, 136 km long, 262 m deep and 1,645 metres above sea level. The lake is bordered by magnificent mountains covered in larch forests and thick pine, where some unique wildlife flourishes.

Khuvsgul lake

2. Gobi desert

One of the most unusual desert landscapes in the world, The Gobi measures over 1,600 km (1,000 mi) from southwest to northeast and 800 km from north to south.. Gravel plains and rocky outcrops cover much of this area, which is the home of the last two-humped camels in the world and Gobi bears, the only bears you can find in a desert landscape. Bayanzag is another must-see place especially for those keen on history. This was an ancient sea floor and the site of several remarkable paleontological finds. The first ever full dinosaur skeleton was found in Khermen tsav which is a canyon with an oasis.

mongolian desert

3. Altai 5 bogd

Altai Tavn Bogd – five of the tallest mountain peaks in the country. In the shadow of the Tavan Bogd is a glacier spanning 23 square kilometers, several lakes and a stunning waterfall. This location is also home to many archeological sites, collective forming the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Petroglyph Complexes of the Altai.

Sacred 5 peaks

4.  Kharkhorum, Erdenezuu

Believed to be the oldest surviving Buddhist monastery in Mongolia, this is adjacent to Karakorum, the ancient city. Stones from the ruined old city were used to build the monastery. Located a little over a mile from Kharkhorin, the Erdene Zuu Monastery once had somewhere between 60 to 100 temples at its peak. Established by Altai Khaan in 1586, the monastery is now open to visitors who can roam the grounds and take in the scenic beauty of the 16th-century temples. For a small fee, they can also take a guided tour of the interiors.

KharKhorum Erdenezuu

5. Terelj National Park

The biggest protected area in the country, this park is about 80 kms away from Ulaanbaatar, Complete with natural beauty, adventure sport activities and great scenic spots, this is the perfect tourist destination indeed. Its stark, sweeping landscape and numerous natural attractions draw tourists from all over the world who want to explore the unspoiled land, often on horseback or camels.


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